Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Drawing Lindsey Stirling

This past couple of days, I've been busy working on a portrait of Lindsey Stirling from her "Radioactive" music video with Pentatonix.

I usually do my drawings in pencil (as shown in the picture above), but I had an entire shoe box of Crayola colored pencils I've collected from all those years buying them for school so I decided to try drawing in color. But let me tell you, Crayola has got to be one of the worst brands to color with! The lead is so hard, and I couldn't smudge it like I normally do with my pencils. But I pushed through it, and the drawing ended up looking pretty damn good! (The pictures don't really do the picture any justice.)

I was thinking about doing more of my drawings in color pencil, so the very first thing I did after I was done was get on Amazon and purchase a set of Prismacolor soft core colored pencils (with the addition of an extra black one because those always seem to run out.) I've never even used a quality colored pencil before, and I'm stoked to try these out! Can't wait until I get my set in the mail! It should be here in about three to five days time!

I'll keep you updated on how well the Prismacolor colored pencils end up working for me when I get them!


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